Serving the local church is one of the best ways to meet people, develop relationships, and grow as a follower of Christ. Here at HPC, we believe serving is not just a Sunday thing! There are plenty of opportunities for you to serve and get connected throughout the week!  It’s our incredible volunteers that make it possible for us to reach out and make everyone who walks through our doors feel welcomed! Our Teams are always looking to add more volunteers to their crew! Look through our Teams below to see where you fit in!

Cooking For Christ

The heart of Cooking for Christ (CFC) is to serve others the way our Lord Jesus Christ served His Father. We believe that by feeding the belly we help heal the soul. Through this we are able to share God’s love the way Jesus Christ would have. We have these capabilities because of the help from our wonderful volunteers here at HPC and the surrounding communities.



Our Creative Team is passionate about sharing the Gospel in new and innovative ways.  Whether it’s by video, graphic design, photography, or any other creative element we believe that these gifts and talents are at their best when they’re used to move God’s Kingdom here on earth! If you have a heart to serve and share what God has placed in you email us at!



A warm smile, a friendly handshake, these are the experiences that can makes someone feel at home! As a member of the Greeters Team, you set the tone of a person’s visit by creating a welcoming environment.



Guest Services

The Guest Services Team answers questions, locates current information, and helps people get connected to the church.




Helps Ministry

The Helps ministry is a “practical aid and support” to the pastor’s vision of a support to the body of Christ.




Sunday Production

The Service Production Team helps to make our services excellent through technology. They are trained to run lighting consoles, screens, cameras, microphones, and audio consoles.



Healing Place Worship

Worship Team volunteers use their musical gifts as a part of our choir, band, and vocal team.