It is primarily through Connect Groups that we connect and empower people to ‘lead and
influence in every sphere of life’. They are central to the journey of discovery at Healing
Place Church. We want to see everyone in our church connect to biblical community, be
equipped to be a follower of Christ and serve others in love. Connect Groups are a key mid-
week priority just as our weekend services remain the priority within the life of our church.


Build a loving community of people who notice when you are away, gently sharpen you
when you need it and who help you share your faith with others. Connect Groups are the
place you can equipped to become more like Jesus and to live a faith-filled life. Many
connect groups may be tied to ministries in which we can use it to equip others for the
WORK of the ministries they’re currently in.


As equip those in our connect groups they should empowered to serve in any given area,
whether it’s the current area OR signing up for a new are. Click below for our Teams area
that you can volunteer to serve.